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 transforming passion into dynamic digital content for business owners.

Perfect for websites, social media and beyond. Boost your digital footprint with our visually stunning, effective creations.  Let's do something unforgettable together!


Welcome to Moneyshot Video Production, where we bring your vision to life through our expertly crafted services. With a keen focus on creativity, professionalism, and cutting-edge technology, we offer a range of video production services designed to elevate your brand and capture moments that matter. Explore our variety offerings:

Promotional videos

Elevate your brand with our captivating promotional videos. From concept to edit, we tailor each video to make your message unforgettable. Let us bring your vision to life and enhance your brand presence.

Event coverage

Preserve the magic of your events with our comprehensive coverage services. Our skilled team captures every moment seamlessly, delivering dynamic event videos that showcase the energy and excitement of your occasion. Relive and share the memories with a wider audience.

Green Screen Virtual Sets

Our State-of-the-Art 3 cameras green screen studio enables unlimited possibilities when we can position you in any environment and create immersive high production value outcome. With you in it. 


Perfect for websites, social media, and beyond. Boost your digital footprint with our visually stunning, AI optimized videography. Let's create something unforgettable together! At Moneyshot Video Production, we blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver videos that captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression. Elevate your visual content with our tailored services and let us transform your ideas into compelling stories.

"Capture the moment, tell your story. At Moneyshot Video Production, we blend creativity and expertise to transform your vision into captivating videos. From elevating your brand with promotional magic to seamlessly preserving event memories and crafting engaging interviews, we're here to make your story unforgettable."


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Jerzy Gustek

A Trailblazer in TV Production and Beyond
 co-founder of MoneyShot

Agnes Gustek

The Artist with a Camera

Waldek Chadzynski   

Professional Photographer & Graphics Designer

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Damen Shaqiri

Video Producer

Luis Cruz

Portrait and Real Estate Photographer